Solution of pipe network GIS system

Under the guidance of the strategic objectives of water supply enterprises, the intelligent pipe network system, guided by the scientific outlook on development, closely focuses on urban construction and development, bases on urban water supply, takes serving the people's livelihood as its own responsibility, implements the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing, understands the new needs of the people, responds to the new expectations of the people, and fulfills the corporate social responsibility, High quality service, fine management, to create a comprehensive livelihood of water, intelligent water, efficient water, cultural water.

Pipe network GIS management of Fuxing intelligent water system


Perfect pipe network management function, combined with mobile terminal app, realize the information of pipe network at any time, help enterprises easily manage pipe network; the system reacts the operation status of pipe network equipment in real time, when the equipment fails, it can arrange maintenance tasks through the operation and maintenance system, and support map navigation, which can quickly arrive at the location of the fault equipment; intelligent algorithm, realize the analysis of water leakage point valve closing, and help enterprises It can help enterprises deal with water leakage better, and the simple and convenient network drawing tool can help enterprises to create electronic network drawing conveniently.


Pipe network monitoring

Provide remote control and supervision of pipeline, pipeline well, monitoring station, flowmeter, water quality meter, valve, water meter and other pipe network objects.


Basic data storage

Permanently store the attribute data of various pipe network objects, such as the parameters of pipeline, pipe well and flowmeter.


Geophysical exploration of pipe network

It can be used for pipe network survey, underground pipeline detection, surveying and mapping, census, leakage control detection of water supply network and disease detection of drainage network.


Abnormal alarm

Abnormal analysis of the collected device data,
Real time warning is given on the map.


Map operation

You can provide maps and switch map styles to freely select pipe network objects in the map.


Analysis and calculation

It can perform space operations such as space ranging, space query, etc., and can carry out subject analysis such as valve closing, water cut-off affected area, etc.

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