Solution of equipment management system

Aiming at the real-time big data of equipment operation, enterprises can share the diagnosis model, make predictive fault judgment on the equipment, and kill the hidden danger of shutdown in the embryonic stage. To solve the interconnection between enterprise central control brain and nerve endings, only the production management based on big data aided decision-making can give full play to the use value of equipment, reduce the downtime rate and improve the production efficiency.

Equipment management of Fuxing intelligent water system


The implementation of the system can realize equipment maintenance management, maintenance personnel management, maintenance plan management, operation management and spare parts management. Mobile terminal users can obtain the real-time status of the equipment, provide equipment alarm for the pipe network GIS system, provide real-time data for DMA partition system and water quality safety system; can monitor the equipment status in real time, remind the staff to repair the equipment in time, and ensure the normal production; can provide remote equipment control function, so users do not need to operate the equipment on site, and there will be problems When abnormal, it can also start and stop the equipment remotely to avoid greater losses;


Live monitoring

Monitor the real-time status of the equipment and provide remote operation control.


Abnormal alarm

When the equipment is abnormal, report the alarm event actively and remind the staff to deal with it in time.


Account records

Record the history of inspection, repair and maintenance of equipment offline, and record all instructions of equipment operation.


Mobile management

The user can view the status of the device and send control commands on the mobile terminal.


Input and export

Support batch equipment import and export, for online equipment can be automatically imported, without manual intervention.


Reserved interface

The reserved expansion interface can easily expand the types of equipment and adapt to different communication protocols.

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