Water quality safety system solution

The "lean water treatment system" is adopted to monitor the capacity of the filtration link; when the node capacity drops to the early warning value, the backwashing is started to ensure the water treatment quality and reduce the backwashing cost by 70%.

Water quality safety monitoring of Fuxing intelligent water system


Based on the GIS system, real-time water quality data can be displayed on the map; water quality data analysis can be carried out, and abnormal water quality alarm can be provided actively. Combined with the pipe network GIS system, users can get the valve closing recommendation, and combined with the marketing system, they can issue the water stop notice to the affected water users; the system supports the online entry of water quality sampling data, and the inspection results can be published and publicized online, and the users can check the water quality on the mobile phone Inspection results can be consulted.


Water quality map

Record the water quality instruments and sampling places on the map, and display the collected water quality data and sampling results in real time.


Water quality warning

Set the alarm threshold, the system analyzes the real-time data and sends out abnormal alarm notification.


Water quality report

The daily water quality report is automatically generated to calculate the water quality compliance rate of the day.


Sampling report

The user can input the sampling location and the initial inspection information of the sample, and release the final inspection result of the sample.


Water quality account

Record water quality data and sampling report, users can query the account records.


Mobile terminal

Users can obtain the water quality data of the day on the mobile terminal and query the historical records of backtracking.


Equipment docking

Online water quality monitoring instruments of different brands and protocols can be connected.


Water quality safety standard

The user can define the alarm threshold of water quality safety, which is used by the system to determine whether water quality abnormal events occur.

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