Solution of inspection system

The administrator formulates the inspection plan, specifies the route and effective inspection conditions, the system automatically issues the task, the inspector executes the task on time, and the system provides the route map to assist the inspection. From the plan completion rate, inspection workers completion rate, route inspection rate and other aspects, multi angle statistics of inspection tasks can help administrators easily grasp the inspection progress.

Inspection management of Fuxing intelligent water system


Through the implementation of the system, the manager can plan the inspection objects such as valves, pipelines and fire hydrants, set the inspection path, check the inspection status in time, and check the completion of the task; when the inspector finds that the on-site problems need additional materials and equipment, he can also list the equipment and materials through the mobile terminal of the system, and send out the support application.


Map browsing

According to the object of the map inspection, pay attention to the progress of the inspection.


Inspection plan

The patrol task is automatically generated and assigned. The manager does not need to create the task again and again, and the field personnel do not need to return to the factory to receive the task.


urgent task

In case of unplanned equipment failure and pipeline damage, the inspector can initiate emergency task handling to the manager.


Work order management

The on-site personnel of mobile terminal can receive work tasks anytime and anywhere, and can also feed back the on-site situation. The manager can remotely coordinate the on-site repair and operation guidance.


Report statistics

Realize the inspection statistical analysis of valves, pipelines, fire hydrants, event statistics, inspection tasks, repair progress, personnel attendance and other dimensions.

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