The solution of report system

The report and installation business of tap water is tedious and complicated. There are many departments involved in the report and installation, including the report and installation hall, marketing department, engineering department, financial department, etc. the report and installation system of our company adopts the process to realize the report and installation business, which makes each department improve the efficiency of the report and installation business, and the system provides a variety of queries and statements, which makes the situation of each report and installation project clear at a glance.

Report and installation management of Fuxing intelligent water system


The system supports water users to complete the application for loading through the mobile terminal, and water companies can also complete the approval at the mobile terminal; users only need to fill in the electronic form, and the system will automatically flow to the next link, and the whole process will be visualized; the system realizes the standardization of engineering data entry, exploration and design, drawing review, budget and final accounts, completion acceptance, water meter insert, data archiving and other links Information sharing, improve the work efficiency of cross department; automatic generation of work reports, convenient for the supervision and assessment of managers. Through the implementation of the system, we can control the whole process of reporting and loading, realize data sharing, standardize management, and improve customer satisfaction.


Application for newspaper installation

Water users can submit applications through the mobile terminal's enterprise APP, the official account number (also to the water business hall).


Survey and design

Provide survey module, from the registration, submission, audit, completion and filing process management.


Project budget

Provide input and statistics for required materials, real-time summary of material usage, convenient for project budget and control.


Report and installation fee

Water users can choose to pay deposit, budget amount and expense settlement at mobile terminal or business hall, and print relevant bills


Construction acceptance

Carry out project acceptance for the completed project and submit relevant acceptance data


Audit and filing

After passing the acceptance, check the user's information, file and put it into the warehouse, transfer it into the marketing charging system, and formally open an account for charging


Report, inquiry and statistics

Real time statistics of user information, project progress, audit status, cost and other items

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