Operation and maintenance system solutions

Based on data, Scenario Oriented and algorithm supported, the operation and maintenance management system is endowed with the ability of unified data control and intelligent analysis, so as to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency and assist the digital transformation. The monitoring center is on duty 24 hours a day. The efficient after-sales service software platform can quickly and efficiently respond to and deal with various problems in operation, and provide timely and accurate inspection service for customers.

Operation and maintenance of Fuxing intelligent water system


The system automatically assigns tasks to ensure the matching degree between work content and executors, and evenly distributes the task quantity; for the links without progress for a long time, the system can automatically remind relevant personnel to speed up processing; users only need to fill in electronic forms, and the system will automatically flow to the next section; users can transfer to the next section automatically through mobile and PC end of equipment management, production control, pipe network GIS and other systems Create a new task.


One stop Center

Centralized provision of mobile app, PC terminal, voice hotline and other service channels.


Task management

Create equipment maintenance, fault repair, on-site construction and other tasks, and assign tasks to the head to automatically supervise the implementation of tasks.


Process management

The user can customize the relationship between each link, and the system can track and display the whole process.


Task statistical analysis

Statistics of the number of tasks, the nature of the content, the length of time to complete, personal workload, job saturation and other indicators.


Reserved interface

Reserved secondary development interface, fast response to customized function development.

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