Solution of water supply dispatching system

Water supply dispatching automation system is a new generation of water supply SCADA dispatching automation and metering automation application platform based on component technology, which is widely used in the monitoring and metering automation and informatization of urban water supply industry. It can realize automatic control and unattended operation between multiple water source wells and constant pressure water supply pumping stations, which not only ensures timely and safe water supply, but also liberates manpower and saves water supply cost.

Water supply dispatching of Fuxing intelligent water system


The system can display the pressure, flow and water quality data of the pipe network by map. Users can directly find the lowest pressure point in the pipe network, which pipe end water quality does not meet the standard and need to be discharged regularly; it can simulate the hydraulic change of the pipe network under various water supply production conditions, and combine with the GIS of the pipe network to find the weak links of the pipeline, and test the effect of various pipe network transformation schemes; it can simulate the pollution pollution The development and change process of pollution source in the pipe network can obtain the key valve which can block the pollution, and the pipe section which has been polluted and should be washed repeatedly.


Hydraulic map

Based on GIS map, it can connect the status and real-time data of each equipment in the production system.


Pipe network model

Reflect the actual hydraulic, flow direction and water quality data of the pipe network.


Scheduling simulation

Through the analysis of hydraulic model, the hydraulic dispatching scheme is established


Pollution simulation

It simulates the diffusion state of pollutants in the pipe network when there are pollution sources in the pipe network, and generates the scheme of closing the valve and drainage to quickly cut off the pollution channel.


Production alarm

When the hydraulic and water quality of the pipe network changes abnormally, the warning will be issued actively.

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