Marketing system solution

The system mainly includes "online business hall, mobile meter reading, self charging, data analysis, automatic office" and other services. Combined with the latest Internet of things technology, cloud computing and big data analysis technology, B / S structure design and service-oriented design concept are adopted. The water department will organically combine production, pipe network, marketing, engineering and other businesses to avoid information island and realize comprehensive perception and intelligent application.

Marketing management of Fuxing intelligent water system


Water users can choose a variety of recharge channels to pay water charges, and support the billing of different types of water meters, such as mechanical water meters, IC card water meters, remote water meters, and Internet of things water meters; the system supports a number of national welfare and policies, such as step pricing, multi population families, and low-income households; it can flexibly set up special businesses such as "whether to close the valve for arrears" and "not to close the valve for water use in holidays"; it can analyze and analyze The water users should arrange the personnel on-site inspection with the patrol system automatically, and the electronic invoice can be applied through the official account and APP after the recharge is paid. The water supply and drainage enterprises can charge the mobile windows through the mobile terminal to check the water consumption of the water users, and find that the water is abnormal. Short message, official account and APP notification, and automatic daily reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports and annual reports. The system can be developed two times to accommodate different brands of water meters and marketing systems.


User management

It supports account opening, account cancellation, table change, stop reporting and start-up, and can edit user information


Payment by IC card

Payment and self-service payment are realized through mobile payment machine


Meter reading management

For the Internet of things water meter and remote water meter, automatic meter reading and charging are supported, and manual meter reading data is not required


Charge management

Support counter charge and mobile payment


Water plant management

It supports the unified management of multiple water plants online, and the data of each water plant is invisible and independent


Report statistics

The system automatically completes the statistical analysis of water consumption, charge summary and other data, and queries the water meter location, transfer, account cancellation, meter change and other accounts of water users


Basic settings

We should set and manage the charging area, the valve not to be closed in arrears, the valve not to be closed in arrears in holidays, the production of IC card tool card, the surcharge items (garbage fee, sewage fee, liquidated damages), the nature and type of water, etc


Supporting secondary development

Compatible with different brands of water meter and marketing system

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