Solution of mobile meter reading system

The system supports the deployment and application of group branch mode, and supports the hierarchical management of group, company and department. Realize the functions of unified collection, processing, hierarchical display, alarm, report, web release of meter reading data. The system also provides powerful report functions, including meter reader's reading rate statistics and intelligent curve analysis of remote data. It provides effective data statistics services for system users, so as to control water consumption and leakage in time.

Mobile meter reading of Fuxing intelligent water system


The mobile terminal provides the map navigation function, which can help the meter reader to find the location of the water meter to be read; the meter reader can directly enter the meter reading on the mobile terminal to improve the work efficiency; the system will automatically check the meter reading entered, and when the meter reading is wrong, it will remind the meter reader to correct the meter reading and reduce the error rate; the meter reading can be shared, and multiple meter readers can cooperate to complete the same reading A meter reading system.


Management of meter reader

Managing the information of meter readers


List management

Assign meter books to meter readers and adjust the order and cycle of meter reading


Real time meter reading

Support real-time meter reading, real-time data synchronization with the server


Water meter positioning

Positioning the installation position of water meter by GPS satellite


Scan code / electronic label

Identify the meters by scanning, and eliminate the estimation and copying


Meter reading account

It can intelligently analyze meter reading rate, missing reading rate and error reading rate


Statistical query

It supports querying the historical meter reading records of users and viewing the details of each record

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